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All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us on
 +27 082 442 9031. If you want you can call us on WhatsUp and we will gladly assist you as much as possible. The interaction with you will allow us to troubleshoot the problem or suggest you a way to overcome the issue.
When is viable, we will guide you step by step to repair, install or troubleshoot your request. You can call us also if it is only to ask for an opinion or a suggestion.


If you want us to "take over" the problem, providing you still have an Internet connection available, we will connect remotely using either a program called AnyDesk or the popular TeamViewer.
Many times it is easier to do it in this way because as the say goes... " a picture is worth 100 words.."
Please download Anydesk here before to call us if it is not already installed on your computer.
COST: FREE for the first 15 minutes, thereafter charged at 15 minutes off-site fees


If really the other options are not effective for any reason, we can gladly come to you and fix the problems directly on your system.
Obviously this will be the last resort and it may be thst we can only come the day after to attend the problem. In any event we know it is Urgent for you and we will strive to be at your premises as soon as possible.
For you we will make a plan....
COST: Initial call out fee + hourly fees thereafter

P.O. Box 9196

Phone: 082 442 9031