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Where we come from...

                                                   A journey from the Northern Hemisphere ...

Zero-One-X computers was founded in South Africa during the year 1991 by Bruno Ambrogio, an electronic engineer from Turin, Italy involved with 3D measuring machines and robotics. The name Zero-One-X is related to the logic state that a digital device can be found in an electronic circuit, a "zero" state means 0 Volts, a state "one" means a positive voltage value (example +5 volts DC) and an "x" state is any values between 0 and 1.
The initial primary reason for Zero-One-X was to service and supply personal computers IBM compatible, but then with the ever-increasing demand for networks, the company entered the market of networking.
The company has been and is currently involved with a vast array of SME clients and applications, from manufacturing companies to financial services.
Our expertise expand from hardware to software, networking and web design. Our team is continuously trained and trade references are easily available on request. We also do training for individuals and groups using a hands on approach to practical issues rather then just theory.
Design of turnkey electronic applications, robotics, electronic design, micro-controllers and IoT (Internet of Things). We also do 3D printing with sale and support of 3D printers, parts and training.

P.O. Box 9196

Phone: 082 442 9031